​Hidden M Ranch

I brought my 3 year old filly to Hidden M Ranch for boarding in November 2015. It was pouring down rain and Dakota and her Mom met me at the barn and helped unload all my tack and feed from the trailer to the barn. They got busy weighing and measuring my horse for a baseline height and weight while explaining their feeding program, then we settled her into her stall. Dakota even made sure that she had a toy – her red Jolly Ball. My favorite aspect about the ranch is that this well kept facility is family owned and operated, has a true family atmosphere, and they will do their best to accommodate your needs and wishes. My filly’s care and happiness is important to me and I can depend on Dakota to contact me immediately if there is ever an issue, big or small. Dakota understands “horse crazy” and she saved a baby tooth for me that she found in her feed bin because she knows that I am sentimental like that. Assistance is offered if you need help loading your horse or just want some training advice, additionally, lessons and haul in’s are offered as well as frequent trail rides on their own horses. Let’s talk about the trails! You can ride for hours in the forest and brush, up and down hills, over logs and a bridge – your horse can have a good work out while bush whackin’, or simply poke around – it’s your choice, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s a no drama, relaxed place to enjoy your horse, and I like that. I judge a boarding facility on many different factors, but the bottom line is how happy and well cared for my horse is, and she’s a pretty happy girl.

Ronda Bruce​. Dallas, Or

I can not say enough great things about Hidden M Ranch, the owners and all of the boarders. Great facility, lots of options for riding with an abundance of equine knowledge. My family and I have been boarding/getting lessons since late 2014 and I could not even imagine having my horse anywhere else, in fact all of the animals get top notch care. They provide a very safe, comfortable environment which helped our horsemanship skills really flourish.

Shannon Williams- Lopez. Independence, Or.

"As a novice horse owner and rider, I have been so thrilled to find the Hidden-M-Ranch!  My experience has been incredibly positive in learning how to ride(especially as a middle-aged rider) and experiencing the fun of trail rides, play days, and arena riding. I have discovered a life-long passion!  Thanks to Hidden-M-Ranch for making this possible."

- Ella. T Monmouth, Or.

"Five year ago my daughter and I went to every boarding facility in the Dallas area looking for a place to board our horse.  We interviewed the proprietors and toured all the available facilities. By far the most outstanding facility that we found was the the Hidden-M-Ranch.  It wasn't the facility, although it was excellent, with large, clean stalls, indoor and outdoor arenas; it wasn't the care and dedication that the Magden's give to the horses and their owners, and though all of these things were what we were looking for, it was the fact that Cliff, Judy and Dakota treat you like family.They truly take pride in all of us boarders enjoying our horses and their facilities.  Judy made a comment to me back then that has stayed with me all these years, "We love this place so much we just want to share it with others." That says it all."

  Donna H., Dallas